Fallout 76 Will Be An Exclusive To Bethesda.net And Won’t Be Available On Steam

Fallout 76 is one of the largest games in 2018. It is shocking to know that people will not be able to purchase Fallout 76 on Steam at the moment. Steam remains one of the globe’s biggest personal computer game stores. Steam will not be stocking any game relating to Fallout 76, not at launch. PC Gamer received this information from one of Bethesda’s spokesperson that the next game from the company will only be available on the official website. Both the full and beta version of the game will only appear on the company’s main page.

Fallout 76

Bethesda.net will be the home to buy the launch and beta version of Fallout 76 next game. Steam has been rejected to sell any Fallout 76 games. What has transpired between the publishing franchise and Steam? At the moment, nobody can figure out what exactly is happening. The main information out to the public is that Fallout 76 exclusive game will only air on Bethesda.net and not Steam.

When this game is launched to the public on Bethesda.net, then the Steam operator called Valve will not be receiving any payment for sales. This is a smart action move that simply gets Steam out of the way. One reason for this move may because the last edition of the Fallout games appeared on Valve’s marketplace. It is important to know that Steam may still market Fallout 76 later in the future. This move is not simply to ditch Steam from selling any further games from Fallout.

A good example is with the exclusive Fallout Shelter that first aired on Bethesda.net and later marketed through Steam’s marketplace. If you are having reservation concerning the sale of Fallout 76 on Bethesda.net and not Steam, then rethink. In October, the beta version of Fallout 76 will commence. At the moment, there is no clear commencement dates for PC, Xbox One and PS4. According to slight information in the frequent asked question of the company, November may be the actual date to unleash the complete release.

For PS4, it is now confirmed that Fallout 76 will be launched on November 14. The same date is also regular for both PC and Xbox One. Fallout 76 will always remain on the internet rather than the past RPG series that was hidden. It will be a great change to see how gamer react to this amazing plan. According to a reliable source, Bethesda will soon release details about Fallout 76 to the public.

The Fallout 76 marketing approach may be different from other previous games in the series. However, it will eventually spread out to every marketing platform. While the actual move of the publishing franchise may be different, Steam can still get access to Fallout 76 later in the future. Fallout 76 will always be online for people willing to purchase direct from the official page of the producer. If you also believe that Steam is the right place to purchase the game, then wait until clear information gets to the platform.

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Game Review: Yakuza 0 On PC Is A Must Play

Yakuza 0 on PC

The first appearance of Sega’s Gangster Epic is on PC with a plethora of amazing games. Realistic fashion is something too difficult to link with Japan irrespective of its great influence in the gaming industry. It is also difficult to find deep Japanese cultural elements in most video games from the country. One of the best games that display the cultural value of the Japanese nation is Yakuza. It remains a tough crime drama taking place in another environment.

The games of Yakuza can be compared to Shenmue and the Grand Theft Auto. In Shenmue, you will discover all the participants featuring are gangsters. In the case of Yakuza, you will discover it is not a satire. The Yakuza 0 on PC has a gameplay with narrow focus and it doesn’t come with an open-world pitch. Another thing to make anyone embrace the game is that it displays the Japanese cultural elements vividly.

Do you know why people should play Yakazu on PC? With the PC mode, you will able to enjoy the characters and storyline of the game well like a professional gamer. First, the gameplay of Yakuza 0 is centralized on street-fighting. The game is focused on the fictional elements of Osaka and Tokyo. If you are looking for a mafia game that illustrates the environment where it is acted, then the Yakuza 0 remain a great choice.

The gangland incident of the game depicts the true Japanese mafia that people want to see in real life. As Kazuma Kiryu tries to plead innocence by run for his life, players will see the true acting protocols added to this game. On the PC, you will be able to see real pictures of the gameplay that operates the game. The PC version will also help players to see how Goro Majima became a victim of his own humble conscience. This action really made Yakuza masters turn again Goro for failing to make a strike when required.

One of the best things that make Yakuza 0 on PC a must play is the impressive ease you get. The game is loaded with amazing big characters that help to give the game a new meaning. The cinematic camerawork and excellent voice-acting should not be ignored among features that made the PC version of the game great. The conjuring of amazing scenes in the game can be properly captured when using a PC platform to play the game. While it may be lengthening, the PC edition makes you tireless and vibrant.

The funny characters and scenes in Yakuza 0 make the game unique and special to watch on the PC. The nix of surreal situations and dry humor helps you to play the game in comfort. When the bowling mini-game is won on other platforms may not really know brought the opportunity. With the PC version of the game, you will be to know the opportunities awaiting your success in the game. Above, the funny aspect of the game is well-orchestrated when playing on a PC.

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Why Are Gamers Mad At No Man’s Sky Latest Update?

The madness of gamers toward No Man’s Sky new update continues to grow. The anger of players is compared to any other game released from a franchise in the industry. While the criticism looms from people that hate the game, there are others that stand by the franchise. Detractors will always mention certain things why they must hate any single game. Hello Games has released some pieces and get push backs from how the platform operates.

No Man's Sky Latest Update

No Man’s Sky game attracts both haters and lovers. This content will reveal some likely reasons why people don’t the update of the game. Research has shown that the metabombing for the No Man’s Sky game is huge. After reading through several reviews, the new update of the game attracts almost 70 percent of positive ratings. Reading this review can as well change your mind about the perspective of viewing the game.

Reasons Why Gamers Hate No Man’s Sky Latest Update:

After reading reviews on many platforms, it is evident that gamers are mad at this franchise for one or more reasons.

  1. The objectives of the latest update is lackluster features. Without further deliberation, it is a mediocre game. To be precise, some gamers call the game shallow and brief. The update comes with lack of content and less beautiful from a well-established franchise. When comparing the sixty dollars that the franchise demands from gamers before access, the game is simply poor. If you are looking for the definition of poor gameplay, the latest update from No Man’s Sky remains a good example.
  2. The resource of the game is tedious and cumbersome to understand. The demo that has been highly promoted end up becoming haphazard and awkward to a normal player. The design of the game is ugly and poorly created. Players will discover that the menu interface is of one of the poorest qualities that you can find in the industry. The order for the game is sixty dollars and the offer to players remains poor. The music of the game is disappointing and the sound remains obnoxious. In fact, you will also discover that the controls remain clunky.
  3. It is a highly repetitive game in the sense that after one hour, you will start over again. The alien counter, space station and building in the game are the same when playing. This makes the new update useless and not profiting. While the combat is not great, you will also notice poor different resources structure. Loading the texture of the game remains time-consuming and annoying. In the game, you will always find different planets with none similar features. In a nutshell, the structure and context of the game are not great.


One thing that most gamers complain about is the gameplay of the new update. It is difficult to really maneuver through the settings and other features that come with the game. Players hope that the producing franchise will be able to make some changes in the future.



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Farming Simulator 19 For PC Release Date And System Requirements Revealed

The Farming Simulator 19 series will be released on November 20, 2018, by GIANTS. At the moment, a new title is the most important thing that has been released about the hit Farming Simulator game. Slowly, certain information is reaching the public about this new game production. The release date is new information that people can now gather from the internet.

Details About The Farming Simulator 19

Farming Simulator is ready to provide more immersive and striking effects and visual-following its innovative updated graphics engine. When compared to the past editions, Farming Simulator will be offering players the most comprehensive car roster. Players will have the opportunity to control machines and cars redesigned from all big names in the industry.

This also includes John Deere which remains the biggest agricultural machinery firm in the globe, New Holland, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger, Deutz-Fahr, Krone, Valtra and much more. The new game will be pitched in both European and American environments.

It will help to expand and develop your farm and as well bring into place several innovative farming items. Players will be able to enjoy items like oat, cotton, crops and innovative machinery. Livestock such as chickens, sheep, cows, and pigs will be unleashed in this new game. Players will have the opportunity of riding horses and explore other farming activities.

Key Features Of Farming Simulator 19

With sixteen players, you will be able to develop your farm. With community-designed mods, you can also enrich your farming experience.

  • Explore large areas and ride your own horses in a huge extended world filled with farming items
  • Attend to your livestock including chicken, sheep, cows, pigs and ride horses for the first time
  • Drive and make use of greatly redesigned farming car and equipment including John Deere machinery
  • The largest project for Farming Simulator providing most immersive and striking graphics

System Requirements For Farming Simulator 19

A high-end system is not required for people playing on the PC when accessing the game. The modest specifications and power is required to operate the game as opposed to several consoles released at the same period. Below are some of the most important requirements to access the game:

  • Storage – Twenty gigabytes available space
  • Operating system – Windows 10, Windows 8, and 64-bit Windows 7
  • Network – Broadband internet connection
  • Graphics – AMD Radeon HD 7770 graphics card, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560
  • Memory – 4 GB RAM
  • Processor – 2.5 GHz AMD quad-core processor or Intel

With the information in this content, it is evident that the Farming Simulator 19 is set to give players one of the best offers in the gaming industry. The release date is already known, and players should be ready to embrace this huge and massive benefit. Following the system requirements, players on PC will be on the saving end. This is because PC players can access the game even without a high-end system. Farming Simulator 19 will surely shock the gaming industry when officially launched on November 20, 2018.

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Microtransactions ‘Completely’ Removed From ‘Middle-earth: Shadow Of War’s’ Latest Update

Without Orcs in a shopping mall, it is now possible to strike down Shelob’s human version. The microtransactions and market have been removed from the game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The producers of the game mentioned that the team had relaxed and accepted many things from the outside world. The recommendations, criticisms, listening, reading and watching have helped the team to aspire for a fantastic environment in its new update.
According to producers, picturing a game with the feeling of evil Flaming Eye may not be the right step to take at the moment. This is because many people spoke wrongly of the microtransactions after release. The truth is that the update comes with top-notch features that you can enjoy now. Without getting into an immersion-breaking store, players can now relax and enjoy the new game.

There is a plethora of tweaks in the new update. The networking process of the post-campaign has been reworked to look better. This actual aspect of the game has been polished and streamlined to come up with an innovative characterization of Shelob – the Dark Talion and the Witch-king. According to the producers, more efforts in reshaping the game are worth the time and resources. Players can now summon more powerful beasts and raise the dead. The mask of Nazgul can now be included to player’s collection.

There are several Legendary Orcs in the game to give players a better mix. If you are a newbie on this platform, then you’ll not encounter problems like in the past. These Orcs have the abilities to bring you great gifts in a time of need. Players can take advantage of the new skin feature. This will help you play like Celebrimbor. The level cap has been increased to eighty to help in containing all of the additions. With great XP incentives, players can now level or move faster than anticipated. The producers have remained committed and dedicated to supporting the new game to give players the best result.

It is a good idea for players to take advantage of the new Nazgul gear to boost their level. For experienced players, the increment in the level cap will give you the opportunity to do more important things. Even if you have maxed characters in the game before, you can also take advantage of the new feature to make things better.

It is a great and appealing change to get rid of microtransactions. It is possible for fans to start imagining why the producers are beginning to make changes now rather than one year ago. The truth is that criticism increased over the years and the producers have no option than to make changes. Apart from criticism, the producers of the game also took time to see what will be the best for players. One great change that everyone can now see is the gameplay of the game. The latest update has proven that the gameplay of the new game remains great and attractive.

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Finally No Man’s Sky Is Getting Full Multiplayer This July

Hello Games remain the publisher of a space-oriented survival game called No Man’s Sky. The company will be unleashing the complete multiplayer version of the game in July. On July 24, the company will release their game along with the Xbox One edition of the console in North America. On July 27, Hello Games will also go ahead to unleash the game in Europe.

There is an existing multiplayer feature in the No Man’s Sky game, but may not be effective. As glowing orbs, players will have the opportunity of seeing each other. Voice chat is also available for players to communicate. You can find a complete multiplayer experience in July according to the game producers.

Players on Xbox One, PS4, and PC will be able to have access to the game after release. This means that the game will be exposed to a wave of people after the launch period. Players across all platforms will be able to race cars, engage in ship wars and build bases together.

The No Man’s Sky game will become different due to the multiplayer feature. It is intense, fun and emergent according to the game producers. The full potential of the game will be given to players to have an exciting time on the platform. Do you know that it has been a long journey to get here? Finally, the release of this game will bring a complete change to the Hello Games platform.

In the game, you will also have access to the upcoming update of the producing company. The update of the game will be unleashed on 3 platforms at the same time. For all players, this update will remain free. There was a unique storyline that occurred when the last update occurred.  The last update comes with cars, buildings and much more. In July, players will get the full potential of the game along with the Xbox One edition.

The online multiplayer update of this game will create a new beginning for the producing company. This is because the update will be accessible to a plethora of platforms. Will it cause any changes to the platform? Without any scintilla of doubt, players will enjoy every bit of the game. If you live in North America, then be ready to get a quick update of the game on July 24.

The multiplayer support remains the big news about the next update of the game. This is a huge feature that has longed being debated since 2016. No Man’s Sky will be a massive storm in the gaming industry due to its long-awaited changes. If you are a big fan, then getting the update about the huge surprise is an important deal. The game according to rumors will be fun, relaxing and exciting. Hello Games has proven to the world that the game and changes made will help to improve the skills of any player. While the day comes, you can relax and enjoy every bit of the game.

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Top 5 PUBG Streamers Right Now

PUBG is becoming more popular these days due to the quality services that people get. The popularity of PUBG has gone far above YouTube and Twitch. The main objective of the PUBG game is to ensure everybody is defeated and you win. The game is a tough one and full of rage, anxiety and drama. There is every possibility to stream yourself while playing on this platform. To be successful, it is better to use a professional streamer.

Dr. DisRespect:

Dr. DisRespect is popularly known in the world of streaming. When using this service, you will discover that everything is already on board for you. With his unique figure of tough stache and a wig, the doctor remains a great entertainer. There is chat service with Dr. DisRespect and the video quality here remains crisp. Normally, streaming period on this platform can last for over five hours. This helps the service to connect with a plethora of time zones. The entertainment value of the doctor is unprecedented.


Anthony is another great entertainer when talking about the streaming world. He often likes playing while using a gamut of modes. Anthony is well-known for playing with Grimmmz and has a streaming period of over twelve hours. Nevertheless, every minute on this platform is amazing and display faster play. With the kar98, Kongphan is also a known wizard.


If your quest is for high kill and intensified games, then simply negotiate with the Grimmmz streaming service. Grimmmz can as well engage in single games with lots of entertainment value. When trying to get a crate top, Grimmmz was able to defeat 5 people at the same time. People claim that Grimmmz make use of aimbot and sometimes be ridiculous. Without any iota of doubt, the guy is simply a nice person.


When PUBG was looking for professional players to represent its organization, TSM was one of the experts selected. Team SoloMid and Viss worked well in the field of streaming and have become great pals. In the battle royale platform, Viss is a well-known name. This implies that Viss is a professional streamer and knows everything he is doing. Viss will help you on how to win a lot if your quest is for top-notch and tactical gameplay games. At the moment, the dream of Viss is to operate for three hundred and sixty-five days.


On PUBG, Summit remains one of the best and professional players. Irrespective of the game, Summit will always give the best result. During gameplay, you will find Summit keeping quiet. He likes explaining and making people understand the next step of his service. Summit is the right person to contact if you are a newbie. Summit has the best chat service and encourages people to take advantage of PUBG.

Streaming PUBG games can be exciting if you like the platform. With the services above, you will discover that PUBG remains an exciting game platform that anyone can use.

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