5 Common Benefits of Using a Salt-Based Water Softener

All over the world, the scarcity of water is rising. Simple scientific research shows threatening figures of total amount of water available for drinking. There are tonnes of things, which lead to pollution of pure water and as a result, we are left with little water which can be qualified as safe for drinking. Hence, there have been mane researches who are trying to find means of purifying water and making it edible. Harnessing the large ocean bodies and numerous lakes and rivers who carry water, but ones which are not drinkable directly. There are gadgets designed called ‘Water softeners’ who work on water to make it drinkable. The best water softener has many features to look for, but first let’s understand the need of this gadget in brief.

The Hardness and Softness of water

This term is somewhat ironic to be used with the fluid. The hardness of water actually mean the involvement of several metal compounds in water. Metals like Calcium, Magnesium and few others form compounds with elements in water, and get dissolved in water. They are, of course not preferred in drinking water, since they are very hard to digest and cause harm. Removal of such compounds will turn the water soft. This job is done by the water softeners.

There are different types of water softeners from which you can choose according to your need. One special type of water softener is the Salt-based water softener.

The Salt-Based Water Softener

Working of Salt-based water softener is simple. The hard water is found with many molecules of metal compounds namely Ca2+ and Mg2+. The salt – based water softener will add specific chemicals and elements in the water through carefully administered and precise manner using electro – chemical methods and create salts of these compounds. This process is referred as ‘ion exchange’. These salts are then easily replaced by few potential elements like sodium and chlorine. There are several benefits of using a salt – based water softener over the salt – free version. The best water softener will serve you with these qualities.

  1. Scale formation – Scaling is a process which will damage the water-based appliances and machinery due to the presence of minerals in the water. These minerals tend to get deposited on the wall of boilers and other applications and will eventually lead to degeneration in the boiler material. These salt-based water softeners do an excellent job of reducing the scale up.
  2. Heavy Duty Performance – The salt – based systems are designed for heavy-duty performance and do a fantastic job of removing the hardness. Some of the compounds are harder to remove, but the salt based systems will do the job nevertheless.
  3. The ‘Slick’ water – The soft water produced by such systems will have a ‘slick’ feeling, which will be noticed while using it to wash up. During bathing or washing, you will notice more bubbles and softer feel of our skin.
  4. Household cleaning – Using hard water for cleaning floor, glassware, or any appliances will leave some stain marks on the surface. The salt – based water softeners will produce water which will reduce the time to clean and polished surfaces.
  5. Clothing – As with your skin, you can notice the difference in the softness of clothes due to using water treated by salt-based water softener and the salt – free version.

Though there are several features of the salt-based water softener, this water is not recommended for drinking daily.

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Sprint Vector Is The World’s Fastest VR Game Till Now

While developers have more and more knowledge about virtual reality, applications’ quality is constantly improving. At the intersection of virtual reality with the gaming industry, there is a realm ready to be explored, filled with content and virtual reality game prodigies have already started to appear.

The gates to creative virtual content universe have been opened and users can even enjoy some outstanding experiences. One of the most interesting challenges both users and developers face in regard to virtual reality applications is a movement-speed couple

What is Spring Vector?

Sprint Vector Championship Intergalactic, is the game where you can experience the physical thrill of extreme sports. You will run, climb, jump, fly and drift next to other eight players, so if you ever wanted to compete to athletic competitions but did not have the chance, you can try this in the very comfort of your home. Briefly, this game is based on two key actions: you pump your arms to run and you use your head to turn, and this is outstanding because you get the feeling to race at incredible speeds while you actually don’t have to move a toe.

What is Sprint Vector’s story?

Right from the very beginning, the atmosphere is intense and even while you complete the tutorial skate in a spherical space, there are thousands of digital supporters and onlookers cheering and encouraging you. Sprint Vector was built having excitement, speed and adrenaline at the core of the entire experience. Energetic music, continuously played, maintains the energy and your good mood during the whole tournament.

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How do you play Sprint Vector?

Survios (game’s developer and publisher) has built the movement action two ways of movement control. This concept, “Fluid Locomotion System”, allows you to alternate between these two options regarding movement control. The first option is to use your arms pulling motion or use a skiing motion, by pulling and releasing with both arms at the same time. From outside the VR set, for an onlooker, these sets of movement look very strange, but in the game, you will get used and you will reach the point they will feel natural.

All races are attractive, challenging puzzles, that will actually push you to use your creativity while rushing to the finish line. At first sight, you might not believe you will use your body very much, but after an intense race, that includes skating around corners, leaping, gliding, climbing, and shooting obstacles you will see that the game is not only mentally but also physically challenging. You should be warned from the beginning that AI opponents are not easy to beat at all. It’s quite impressive to play along with them and see them improving their racing style with every race you take together (yes, AI opponents are learning with each leap they race).

Tricky maneuvers (you can also use tricks to slow down your opponents and rapidly advance) and high speed, these are the key elements Sprint Vector was built on. An unbelievably engaging VR experience which is totally worth to try, if you are a VR fan, racing fan or both of them altogether, or just curious to taste such an experience!

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Freesync Asus MG279q 144hz Monitor Review

In the last two decades ASUS had been recognized as one of thebest gaming hardware manufacturers around the world, as a matter of facts is the world 4th larger PC, electronics and computer appliances seller and is also an OEM, this means this company fabrics original electronics parts, making it a strong, trustworthy brand.

ASUS offers specialized product lines for gamers such as: the Republic Of Gamers (ROG) Laptops and ROG and Gaming Series Desktops lines. Among the gaming appliances, there is Freesync Asus MG279q 144hz Monitor, a stunning and widescreen monitor perfect to enjoy gaming experience to the most.

In the following lines, we would like to offer this 144hz monitor buying guide to help gamers around the world in their quest for getting the best, more reliable monitor, fitted to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Asus Freesync MG279q 144hz Monitor Features

27-inch wide display, for a great more immersive and reality feeling gaming experience; Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) aspect ratio of 16:9 with a magnificent 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution LED display.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology provide wide-viewing angles, and clear, vivid visuals, while keeping a higher response time of about 4 ms, still offers a nice response time fitted to almost all games needs.

FreeSync compatible offers a nice dynamic range from 35 to 90Hz, AMD which can be increased without a problem as AMD technology had enhanced its features creating a solution to avoid dynamic range problems. This marvellous monitor is the only SyncFree that offers an input lag of 10 ms which is a great as ideally the input lag must be under 20 ms for a better performance and to have a smooth rendering and avoid image stutter and tearing. When purchasing this appliance, you will also receive a Power Cord, Mini-DP to DP Cable Adapter, MHL Cable, HDMI Cable, DP Cable, Starting Guide and CD.


-Great viewing angles and colour reproduction

-Offer lower eye fatigue due to ASUS Eye Care Technology (Blue Light Filter and Flicker Free)

-Great Size

-Three years full warranty

-Medium refresh rate of 144Hz allows a smooth game and also sharper and clearer image quality


-IPS Offers great clear and colourful image but also allow a higher response time which is not convenient when playing competitive games in which is crucial to keep lower response time to avoid lag and delay.

-Medium to High Price

-Menu selection button located at the back

Last Notes

ASUS is a great brand for gaming, art and designing purpose, all devices are strongly built with the top highest technology parts available in the market, if you have enough money to invest in a high-quality product this should be your first choice without hesitation, five star rating from customers around the world certified this manufacturer as one of the best technology appliance makers. Hope this 144hz monitor buying guide was helpful to take you to consider this appliance as a great choice to complete the perfect gaming rig. After Purchasing this sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed 144Hz monitor, you will only regret not having it earlier in your life.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition PS4 Review

When I first slipped the game disc into my PlayStation 4 and immersed myself back into the world of Tamriel, I was initially disappointed. The cart looked much the same as I remembered except for a slightly sharper design, as did the characters around me, and I noticed little differences in the general aesthetics.

But, soon after, I realized how wrong I was. The foliage, in particular, was so much clearer and more life-like, with the shrubs, trees and even far distant mountains appearing with detail and realism that the game had been formally lacking. And that was not all.

By the time we arrived at Helgen, there was a sense of beauty and accuracy that was hard to match, extending from the walls of the fort itself to the people inhabiting it. Each piece seemed to be in its proper place, and whereas on the former edition some of the graphics tended to blur together sometimes and become a bit distorted, this was no longer the case. Snow is clearer and more natural, water in the rivers no longer flow in a single direction but twist and turn with the landscape as it should, and the woodland trees appear as though you are walking through a forest in northern Europe, not a PlayStation game set in a fictional world.

Other simple improvements also help make all the difference. Rain does not fall through the roofs of buildings or caves anymore, plants no longer hover off the ground in certain areas like something from Harry Potter, and the beasts that stalk the harsh landscape have a sense of clarity that makes them appear all the more fiercer and dangerous. And that says nothing for the dragons, which form a big part of the game as a whole. They now appear like the elegant yet terrifying creatures of mythology that they were meant to, with their diverse range of colors, frills, and scales that was once nearly impossible to distinguish between, made all the more clearer.

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This Skyrim Special Edition comes with more than just a general aesthetic improvement though.

Mods, once only available for PC owners, can now be added straight to your console through the game itself, in an easy to apply and remove the tab from the start menu. This in itself has provided players with an immense amount of new content, and although there are fewer options available on PS4 than Xbox One, more mods will continue to be made accessible in the future.

It is also fully complete in the sense that it comes with all three DLC content; Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn. These are built into the game disc itself, minimizing the effort needed to install them as it takes place automatically as an update patch and doesn’t have to go through the PlayStation store.. This in itself adds an extra 30+ hours of gameplay or more, depending on if you fast travel everywhere and how much you decide to rush through it.

But not everything about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s Special Edition I enjoyed.

Despite looking much better graphics on 144hz monitor and running faster, the game itself was very much the same as when I had stopped playing it back in 2012 after the release of the add-ons. There is no extra content at all. The side quests are all exactly the same, and there isn’t any downloadable extensions or even new character creation options available. It’s like reliving my favorite memories, but not like making new ones.

The Verdict:

If you are new to the world of Tamriel and have never played The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim before, this is definitely the game to pick up. Packed full of content and with many hours of gameplay, you can easily become fully submerged in this fantasy realm so many years in the making.

But, if you are like me and have already spent so many hours of your life engrossed in this game and all of its DLC content, you may be slightly disappointed. It’s not that I wouldn’t have bought it, believe me quite the opposite, but it would not have been a priority on my list. Although still incredibly enjoyable and memorable, it just lacks the new extensions to the story that all Special Editions should contain.

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6 Best Free Movie Apps for Android and iOS

For the past ten years or so, technology has revolutionized the entertainment industry. There is a tremendous shift in the way the entertainment scene is received these days. With so many movie releases and smart devices being designed with wider screens and larger internal storage capacity, it’s most likely that one will watch a movie not in the theatre or DVR but on a smartphone. There is a sea of Android and iOS movie apps out there that enable you to stream blockbusters. Most apps feature just the download, install, watch option, though some you need to register a personal account to gain access. There are countless movie streaming apps, however, I will review the best 6 free apps available on download from play store or (apk) and apple store, after all, we all love to spend a spare time in doing what we do best, watching movies.

1. Crackle

Crackle has been on the market for quite some time but still finds space on my list. The app supports almost any device you can think of; mobile devices, streaming players, most smart TVs, even gaming monitor and consoles. Users trust it due to its frequent update of episodes and new releases and for the fact that there are no ad pop-ups in between movies. It’s a totally free app that enables users to stream content from its series and movie collection. This app makes the list is due to its friendly user interface. It is easy to navigate and upon creating a free account you can use it across devices on Android or iOS. It also allows the user to adjust color, font, size, and subtitles.

2. Viewster

If you are keen to watch anime shows and documentaries, this is the app to have. Hugely popular among users on both iOS and Android and appeals to a more youthful audience with interests in anime shows and Sci-Fi content. It has a simpler user interface, you don’t have to tap many times to get a movie and you do not need a personal account, this extends to the manner in which the movies and TV episodes are listed on the home screen (horizontally) and even provides a brief synopsis of each movie. The application is available in the play store, iTunes or apk file.

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3. Megabox HD

Megabox provides its movies, TV shows in HD thus making it extremely popular. With so many titles, one is able to easily find what pleases their eyes. This app is only available for Android users. Megabox allows you to download movies and store them offline. You can easily download this app from apple store or download it from their official website

4. Bobby Movie box

Bobby movie app is popular among iOS users. Beautifully designed with a friendly user interface. The app streams in HD to give the user an awesome experience and its content has many subtitles in different languages including Spanish, Arabic, English and French to choose from. Upgrades for the app are also available as often as possible.

5. Tubi TV

If you are an up to date person, then Tubi TV is the app for you. The Tubi TV app almost looks identical to the desktop version but its developed in such a manner that makes it easy to use in a mobile device. It is free all the way and new movies and TV shows are added weekly to keep you updated. The app also features other genres available for viewing at no cost. The app also allows a user to add bookmarks and make a wish list and features a search tool for easy locating of a film, the movie posters are also large enough to see without having to zoom in.

 6. Showbox

With millions of downloads, it is easy to conclude that Showbox is one of the most popular Android apps. The app features; movies and TV shows that one can stream for free. The main catch in this app is that you can download movies offline for later viewing. The user interface is friendly and allows one to navigate easily. The apps ability to stream HD content also contributes to its popularity. The app is also available from third parties.


I highly regard Netflix, however, it is not totally free since one gets a free trial for a month after which then you subscribe. There you have it, the list of free movies apps is endless, I hope you enjoyed my best 6 free movie streaming apps and all are free and remember there is always something for everyone.

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