Freesync Asus MG279q 144hz Monitor Review

In the last two decades ASUS had been recognized as one of thebest gaming hardware manufacturers around the world, as a matter of facts is the world 4th larger PC, electronics and computer appliances seller and is also an OEM, this means this company fabrics original electronics parts, making it a strong, trustworthy brand.

ASUS offers specialized product lines for gamers such as: the Republic Of Gamers (ROG) Laptops and ROG and Gaming Series Desktops lines. Among the gaming appliances, there is Freesync Asus MG279q 144hz Monitor, a stunning and widescreen monitor perfect to enjoy gaming experience to the most.

In the following lines, we would like to offer this 144hz monitor buying guide to help gamers around the world in their quest for getting the best, more reliable monitor, fitted to satisfy the most demanding customers.

Asus Freesync MG279q 144hz Monitor Features

27-inch wide display, for a great more immersive and reality feeling gaming experience; Wide Quad High Definition (WQHD) aspect ratio of 16:9 with a magnificent 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution LED display.

In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology provide wide-viewing angles, and clear, vivid visuals, while keeping a higher response time of about 4 ms, still offers a nice response time fitted to almost all games needs.

FreeSync compatible offers a nice dynamic range from 35 to 90Hz, AMD which can be increased without a problem as AMD technology had enhanced its features creating a solution to avoid dynamic range problems. This marvellous monitor is the only SyncFree that offers an input lag of 10 ms which is a great as ideally the input lag must be under 20 ms for a better performance and to have a smooth rendering and avoid image stutter and tearing. When purchasing this appliance, you will also receive a Power Cord, Mini-DP to DP Cable Adapter, MHL Cable, HDMI Cable, DP Cable, Starting Guide and CD.


-Great viewing angles and colour reproduction

-Offer lower eye fatigue due to ASUS Eye Care Technology (Blue Light Filter and Flicker Free)

-Great Size

-Three years full warranty

-Medium refresh rate of 144Hz allows a smooth game and also sharper and clearer image quality


-IPS Offers great clear and colourful image but also allow a higher response time which is not convenient when playing competitive games in which is crucial to keep lower response time to avoid lag and delay.

-Medium to High Price

-Menu selection button located at the back

Last Notes

ASUS is a great brand for gaming, art and designing purpose, all devices are strongly built with the top highest technology parts available in the market, if you have enough money to invest in a high-quality product this should be your first choice without hesitation, five star rating from customers around the world certified this manufacturer as one of the best technology appliance makers. Hope this 144hz monitor buying guide was helpful to take you to consider this appliance as a great choice to complete the perfect gaming rig. After Purchasing this sleek, elegant and ergonomically designed 144Hz monitor, you will only regret not having it earlier in your life.

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