Microtransactions ‘Completely’ Removed From ‘Middle-earth: Shadow Of War’s’ Latest Update

Without Orcs in a shopping mall, it is now possible to strike down Shelob’s human version. The microtransactions and market have been removed from the game Middle-earth: Shadow of War. The producers of the game mentioned that the team had relaxed and accepted many things from the outside world. The recommendations, criticisms, listening, reading and watching have helped the team to aspire for a fantastic environment in its new update.
According to producers, picturing a game with the feeling of evil Flaming Eye may not be the right step to take at the moment. This is because many people spoke wrongly of the microtransactions after release. The truth is that the update comes with top-notch features that you can enjoy now. Without getting into an immersion-breaking store, players can now relax and enjoy the new game.

There is a plethora of tweaks in the new update. The networking process of the post-campaign has been reworked to look better. This actual aspect of the game has been polished and streamlined to come up with an innovative characterization of Shelob – the Dark Talion and the Witch-king. According to the producers, more efforts in reshaping the game are worth the time and resources. Players can now summon more powerful beasts and raise the dead. The mask of Nazgul can now be included to player’s collection.

There are several Legendary Orcs in the game to give players a better mix. If you are a newbie on this platform, then you’ll not encounter problems like in the past. These Orcs have the abilities to bring you great gifts in a time of need. Players can take advantage of the new skin feature. This will help you play like Celebrimbor. The level cap has been increased to eighty to help in containing all of the additions. With great XP incentives, players can now level or move faster than anticipated. The producers have remained committed and dedicated to supporting the new game to give players the best result.

It is a good idea for players to take advantage of the new Nazgul gear to boost their level. For experienced players, the increment in the level cap will give you the opportunity to do more important things. Even if you have maxed characters in the game before, you can also take advantage of the new feature to make things better.

It is a great and appealing change to get rid of microtransactions. It is possible for fans to start imagining why the producers are beginning to make changes now rather than one year ago. The truth is that criticism increased over the years and the producers have no option than to make changes. Apart from criticism, the producers of the game also took time to see what will be the best for players. One great change that everyone can now see is the gameplay of the game. The latest update has proven that the gameplay of the new game remains great and attractive.

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