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Tips for Building a Solid Restaurant Website

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Long gone are the days where it was good enough to simply have a website. Modern consumers have kept pace with the changing technology that makes it easier to be selective about their choices, so it’s harder than ever to make a great impression online. Restaurants are not exempt from this fact. In fact, it could be said that consumers will be even more careful about choosing a restaurant. After all, it is food we’re talking about here. So, how can you, as a restauranteur, create a website that attracts attention and gets diners through the doors? We’ll tell you how!

Make Sure That People Can Find You

You’ll absolutely need to include your restaurant’s address on your website, but where should it go? It is common and very good practice to include this vital bit of information directly on the home page and then again in the footer of the website. This makes the data nearly impossible to miss. Working with a leading Austin digital marketing agency can help ensure your restaurant takes care of all these important areas.

In addition to this, it is wise to sign your website up for Google My Business. Google My Business helps businesses to establish a presence on Google and gives searchers information on your business right away. Those snazzy business listings that sometimes appear on the sidebar of Google, for example, consist of businesses that have been listed on Google My Business.

Add Photos of the Restaurant’s Interior

This is only common sense, because we all know that dining isn’t just about the food. It’s also about atmosphere! Searchers want to know that they are going to feel comfortable in your establishment and a glimpse into the interior can help tremendously. This practice also helps them to determine what type of dining establishment you operate. Fine dining, casual eateries and pubs all have different aesthetics, so these pictures can give viewers a clue as to what they can expect when they enter your restaurant.


Add Some Testimonials

What have previous diners said about your restaurant? Have there been favorable reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook or any other online outlet? Pull those reviews and highlight them on your website! You can add single-line testimonials if you’re worried about disrupting the structure of your site. This is a surprisingly powerful tactic, as word of mouth is one of the most effective ways to bolster business. If other people like what you make and how you serve them, others will too!

Creating a solid business website isn’t an easy task. You might find that you’re not getting immediate results. You may need to alter things from time to time in order to appeal to your audience best. But as long as you remain receptive to what the community expects from you and you put active effort into improving your website all the time, success won’t be out of reach.